What’s in YOUR pot of Gold?

This month we asked our associates what they would buy if they found a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. Their answers are surprising, funny and heart warming. Read ours and then comment with yours!

Sparks associates:

Amber Hill: I would buy a shop for my future bakery

Brianna Clancy: I would buy a new car

Kayla Bennett: I would pay off my parents debts

Natassha Still: I would eat A LOT.

Brooke Ingraham: I would travel to New Zealand.

Jake Williams: I would pay off my parents house.

Maggie Hull: I would buy a trip to Hawaii for my whole family.

Lisa Wardrip: I would pay off my house.

 South associates:

Katie Robinson    A plane ticket to wherever I’m wishing to go when I find the pot

Bryan Becker     My dream car and a puppy

Tiana Pirtle        Quit my jobs and go travel the world for as long as I could

Miah  Lee        A hundred acre property for my hubby to do whatever he wants!!

Tenney Vaugh    I’d buy an annual pass to Disneyland

Luke Drymalski    Buy the essentials for a bike touring then go

Heidi Davis        I would buy a house for my mom to live in

Ashley Nunnally    I’d pay off all of my bills!

Allie Duby        2 horses named Pye & Pazazz. They are my loves.

Pat Myatt    A cabin up at Lake Tahoe

Riley Warren    A Siberian Tiger

Oswaldo Acosta    I would buy a ranch and a truck for Allie

North associates:

Amanda Martinez: A Pink Pony & A Pink Corvette

Stephanie Murphy: A Puppy!

Albert Hancock: An elevator to outer space

Julissa Pulido: A beach house

Dylan Raatz: He would buy the girl of his dreams whatever she wanted.

Alex Davis:A new house and a new car

Uriah Valentine:A house for his momma

Noah Reyonalds: Beachfront property in Costa Rica

Taylor Reidman: A limitless universal plane ticket

Mariah Phillips: would buy a bloodhound puppy to play with Stephanie’s puppy.

Erica Heavrin: a liger

Jacy Knapp: A plane ticket somewhere for her and her friends

Edwin Gomez: playboy mansion fully furnished with girls

Chewy: whatever my

Squeeze In Associates

Squeeze In Associates

Steve Hatcher and our Alien

Steve Hatcher and our Alien

Squeeze In Associates

Squeeze In Associates

children want

Roy: A peace of mind

Gonzolo: a house in Reno

Carlos: would feed the hungry

Luis: A house on Tahoe or a Lamborghini

Truckee associates:

Nicole Sexton: A house on the beach in Oceanside

Steve Hatcher: Pay off everything, set aside money for my kid’s college educations and then have some fun!

Jacquelin Summerfield: Buy a Clydesdale

Zach Rabow: A plane ticket to Europe and a vineyard.

At the Squeeze In, we’re in the business of eggs. In fact we serve an average of 685 eggs a day, or about a quarter million eggs a year. Mind boggling! But what’s even more interesting than our impressive egg usage is how much you can tell from a person by their egg order. Curious what your preference says about you? Check out our Egg Horoscope and let us know what you think!

Scrambled- This is by far the most ordered style of eggs, and is always a popular choice for everyone from the very young, to the very old. If you like scrambled eggs this means you’re flexible and tend to be easy-going. Scrambled eggs are often thought of as simple, but that doesn’t mean you are plain, and in fact shows a great deal of versatility. You tend to get along with everyone (scrambled eggs are friends with everything from peppers to peanut butter!) and you’re not afraid to mix things up!

Eggs, Breakfast, Reno, Truckee, Tahoe Squeeze In, Omelettes

How do you love your eggs cooked?

Over Easy/Over Medium- If you’re an over easy or over medium kind of person then you’ve got lot’s of friends. Not afraid to turn things over, but still want things to be natural, you love to break the yolks and mop them up with everything from toast to spuds. You like your life like you like your eggs, a little messy, a lot of fun and always delicious.

Over Hard- The overhard people of the world like the idea of eggs cooked all the way through like scrambled, but still want the separation of church and state-errrr-white and yolk. This type of egg order means you’re organized, dignified and always keeping an eye on safety and security.

Poached- When you order your eggs poached your server instantly knows that you are worldly, respectable and tradition loving. You’re probably the type of person who remembers their mom making them poached eggs and toast on cold winter mornings and long to have that sense of innocence and purity back. You tend to be particular in how you like them poached, but that doesn’t mean you’re cranky or rude, just that you like what you like. If you can get served a delicious poached egg, you’ll be a friend for life.

Sunnyside up- A lot of people like to order their eggs this way because they like the way it sounds, but in reality, not many go for the extra runny style of eggs. Those that do love to have a good time, tend to eat them with pancakes, and always have a smile on their face. Sunnyside up people aren’t afraid to face the world and chase their dreams!

Basted- Not a common type of egg preparation but always a good one. If you’re a basted egg then you’re a gem. You tend to be quiet and observant, but loving, loyal and reliable. Not always the first to speak up, but always there to lend support or guidance.

Hard boiled- You’re either eating a Cobb salad, helping dwindle the last of the easter supply or you’re 5 years old. If you don’t fall into one of these categories and you ordered your eggs hard boiled, well then you are just a dancing circle among a throng of squares. You probably like to spice them up with salt and pepper, just like the way you like to add spice to your life.

Whites/beaters- Obviously you’ve got an eye out for health and well being. You like to be in control and you like to look good. Your

number one priority is your happiness and relationships, and if that means eating diet eggs then so be it. You’re probably an athlete, or at least athletic, and you choose to seize life by the huevos!

Funny how much you can tell about a person just by their egg order! Does your egg preference accurately represent you? What did I leave out or get wrong? Leave a comment and let us know!

Alien Abduction!

We love our aliens and thank Grandpa Marvin for his loving service to the Squeeze!

We love our aliens and thank Grandpa Marvin for his loving service to the Squeeze!

There’s been an ALIEN ABDUCTION!

You all know we have a thing about aliens at the Squeeze In. In fact, they’ve become our mascot and each location has several of the signature aliens on the walls, in the bathrooms and even outside the restaurants. The alien design, which was created decades ago by my grandfather, Marvin Mitchell, has become a Squeeze In staple.

When we opened the Northwest Reno Squeeze In in 2008, we asked him to make a little double alien that could sit sandwich-board-style outside of the restaurant. He happily complied.

The Crime:

After about 6 months the aliens were abducted on a bright and busy Sunday morning. Devastated, we put out an APB for our missing buddies and waited with baited breath for their eventual return. In the meantime we asked Grandpa if he could make us another set, but this time to make them really big, like human size, so they wouldn’t fit into the back of a car. He again happily complied, and those aliens have been our resident pair ever since.

Their Joyous Homecoming:

One recent morning our little original pair that went missing over 5 years ago from Northwest Reno unexpectedly returned! A guest brought them into the Sparks Squeeze In saying, “I woke up this morning and these were in my yard. Don’t know who left them there but I’m guessing they are yours?” What a surprise! The little aliens will now stay in Sparks with their larger ones, which now appears to be an alien family.

So whoever abducted them, I hope you had fun with our little buddies and hope to see pictures of their adventures someday. Thanks for getting them back to our loving arms!

Bloody Mary

Squeeze In Flammable Bloody Mary

6 Reasons to Drink a Bloody Mary

At the Squeeze In we love to serve Bloody Marys. We love it so much that we give you a killer deal if you order two at a time! We know that you and your buddies will agree, drinking together is so much better than drinking alone, which is why we offer our super special bloody buddy deal (and yes there is a bubbly buddy deal too for you mimosa drinkers out there!). Besides tasting great and looking beautiful we’ve identified these 6 other reasons why you should be drinking more Bloody Marys.

6. It’s the best ‘hair of the dog.’ A saying that means alcohol got you into your hungover state, and it’s the best cure to get you out of-or at least delay-the inevitable pounding head and grumpy exhaustion.

5. It aids in digestion. Code for it’s high in fiber and helps move things along.

4. It’s practically a meal! When you drink a Bloody Mary, you feel satisfied like you’ve just eaten a hearty meal. Now if that’s not the best new years weight loss plan ever I don’t know what is!

3. It’s packed with veggies! That’s right if you are doing a Bloody Mary right, like we do at the Squeeze In, it’s made from scratch with 100% tomato juice, celery, lemon, olives and spices giving you about 3 full servings of vegetables. That means tons of vitamins and nutrients to help keep you healthy and strong. Something Mom would be proud of!

2. It’s customizable. You can have it with or without hot sauce, pepper, celery salt, regular salt, steak sauce, Tabasco, Worcestershire sauce and so many more fun and unique ingredients. This is cool because everyone can have the same thing, while having it totally custom to their palette.

1. It’s just plain fun to drink in the morning. When you’re on vacation, enjoying a birthday, having a celebration, or just relishing a much deserved day off, having an adult beverage in the morning is a fun way to ensure you’re flushing the rest of the day. It sounds naughty, looks delicious and feels great. Just make sure you’ve blocked out time for your mid morning nap and make sure you have a driver if you’ll be enjoying more than one!

These are the top 6 reasons we love to serve Bloody Marys at the Squeeze In. Of course, for those of you who can’t get on board with A.M. drinking, or choose not to drink at all, we’ll happily whip up all the deliciousness of our signature Bloody Marys sans alcohol (Did you know the official name of a virgin Bloody Mary is a bloody shame!).

Why do you love Bloody Marys and what do you think makes the perfect bloody? Share your thoughts below and a big cheers to the Bloody Mary!


Sometimes in the restaurant, things just go wrong. It happens every day across the country, in every state, county, city, probably on every block if there’s a restaurant, there’s a problem.

One big difference between successful operators and out of business operators is preparation. How we prepare for the eventual salad on the lap, chocolate shake on the dress, the second time the plate went back to the kitchen — or the proverbial fly in the soup — makes a difference.

Some cool guys enjoying the Squeeze In.

Some cool guys enjoying the Squeeze In.

We all know things go awry. What can set a restaurant apart is to have a strategy and tactics to deal with the inevitable. At the Squeeze, in addition to any in house, in the moment response, an e-mail complaint usually also gets a personal reply from our President, Shila Morris, and sometimes a handwritten card through the mail as well.

We may add points to our guest’s EggHead Breakfast Club account to generate an automatic gift certificate. This tactic may also be followed up with an apologetic email or handwritten card letting the guest know we’ve added enough points to their card to generate a $10 (usual) or $20 or $50 (highly uncommon) certificate, depending on how severe the matter was. The beautiful thing about this approach is it brings the guest back in and keeps them attentive to their mailbox to get their award.

Sometimes all it takes to make it right is to acknowledge and thank the guest, and in all cases, we use the problem as an opportunity to improve, evolve.

Here’s what we do at the Squeeze In, we have a LATTE.

We believe mistakes are opportunities to learn—they are inevitable but not fatal. We strive to reduce the number of mistakes made in the day-to-day operation of our restaurants, living the value, “Daily improvement—making it better every day.” We learn from mistakes and evolve.

LATTE stands for:

  • Listen
  • Acknowledge/apologize (acknowledgize)
  • Take action
  • Thank
  • Evolve

In the moment, managers lead our tribe through any and all problems and do whatever it takes to send the guest out the door happy. Our goal is to resolve the situation satisfactorily for the guest – every single guest happy on every single visit. The worst thing we can do is to send an unhappy guest out our door. We ask managers to use their judgment and keep the Squeeze’s number-one value in mind: Do the right thing.

Whatever happens, we address problems with kindness and courtesy. We have a saying, “The guest isn’t always right, but the guest is always the guest”

When you’re a guest in our house, you’ll be treated with the utmost respect. AND, when you’re an associate in our house, you’ll also be treated with the utmost respect. We know we can’t treat our associates shabbily and then ask them to go be shiny happy people to our guests. That’s simply not congruent. Our goal is to establish a culture of kindness, courtesy, respect and service to and among our tribe as a way to demonstrate our expectation of an excellent guest experience.

While each part of LATTE is important, the thing that sets it up for success is EVOLVE. When, in a logical and strategic manner, we spend the time to reflect on what happened — a debriefing of sorts — we figure out how to stop or reduce that kind of action in the future, we evolve. When restaurants evolve, it’s magic.

We try to remember our associates aren’t mind readers. We tell them what we expect, how we want issues that go awry handled, and then hold ourselves and our associates accountable to the standard by monitoring and managing our system. It works for everyone and gives our guests the best possible experience.

We hope you see our systems in action when you visit the Squeeze In. Do you love our LATTE? What did you like best about this post? The best action happens in the comments section! We’d love to hear from you.

How to stay YOUNG FOREVER!

While working in the South location a table with two good looking gentlemen waved me over. Already having placed their order, and with their pitcher of mimosas still half full I wondered what their request might be. Tyrone-the hatlless guy in the picture-asked me if I could please bring them a basket of toys. I sorta hesitated and looked at the other tables around them to see if perhaps they were part of a larger group with kids, but they didn’t appear to be. I looked back at them waiting to hear a sarcastic remark or maybe a ‘just kidding’ but they were pleasantly awaiting my reply. So naturally I told them that they could absolutely have a basket of toys and immediately delivered the goods.

Kirk and Tyrone

Two handsome grown boys play with Squeeze Toys!

Tyrone exclaimed: “alright it’s fun ones!’ and dug in with the enthusiasm of a kid on Christmas morning. His friend Kirk began laughing and playing along and I couldn’t help but be delighted at their simple pleasure. What a great reminder that no matter how many years you accumulate, you’re never too old for toys. the boys proceeded to enjoy their meals and mimosas, and were still playing with the toys long after their plates were cleared, their glasses were empty and their bill was paid. The laughter and joy of their imaginations running free was one of the better moments I can remember at the Squeeze In and I sincerely thank Kirk and Tyrone for their youthful spirits, easy smiles and their awesome reminder to stay young at heart.

Eggheads Kirk Nordmeyer and Tyrone Hunter show off their amazing play skills!

Frosty the Snowman

Frosty the Snowman

It’s finally here. The month where all of my crazy holiday obsession seems totally normal and acceptable. I absolutely love December, and the holidays, and it’s not even about the religion or the gifts. It’s about the tradition of being with family, making memories, enjoying each other, and taking some time to appreciate and reflect on the year behind you.

I love the music, the decorations, the food, and that special feeling of warmth and love (which is always facilitated by a few egg nogs and brandy for Chad, or some apple cider and brandy for me). The chocolates, the tree, the lights, the movies, the mistletoe, the songs… it’s just the best dang time of year if you ask me, and I am so happy it is here.

Merry Stressmas?

Sometimes it’s hard not to let the pressure get to you. In our house we have a long-time tradition of saying: “Merry Stressmas!” and what this really reflects is this crazy, hectic, busy mold society asks us to conform to in order to celebrate “correctly.” That’s madness.

If you are enjoying yourself and loving to those around you, then you are celebrating your holiday time perfectly.

If you don’t want to send cards, then don’t! You do what is right for you and your family, and I am certain your heart will be filled with that holiday spirit and cheer that so many hold dear. Okay, no more soap box, I am so happy to wish you all a very happy holiday season and a wonderful new year. Thank you for being part of my family and my life, and if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go build a snowman, name him Frosty, and lead him down the streets of town.


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