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This edition of the #SqueezeInFun blog was written by BFF South Reno Social Captain team: Bryan Becker and Katie Robinson. Keep reading for their advice on how to #SqueezeInFun with your best friend during the summer!


Summer is the best time to run around and #SqueezeInFun, especially with your best friend! The two of you have three months of freedom to do as you please, and enjoy the long, hot summer days. You’ve been waiting all year long and have talked nonstop of all the things you want to do before summer is over. The day trips to the lake have become more frequent and necessary to stay cool. That road trip you have been dreaming about might be able to happen! Summertime means endless possibilities, and who better to explore with than your bestie? Here is a quick how-to that will make your summer the best it can be!


The first step to making any fantasy a reality is planning! Sit down and talk about the adventures you’ve been wanting to have. Like going to Costa Rica or laying on the beach in Mexico. The list of things you want to do is endless, but nothing can happen without a little planning. Make sure both of your schedules are clear, and that you don’t wait until the last minute to buy plane tickets or book hotels. The farther ahead you can plan, the more affordable your trip will be. Look out for deals on the internet; Groupon usually has some pretty great packages that are loaded with perks!


Start saving! With summer also comes a lot more free time to work. School’s out, and there’s a good chance you can score additional hours at your job. So ask to pick up some extra shifts and save the extra moola to finance all the summer fun you’ve been planning. It will make your trip all the more fun when you don’t have to stress about paying your rent while you’re on vacation! For next summer, try to save up later in the year when you are preoccupied with school and there aren’t as many fun things to spend money on. Then when summer comes you have a mason jar full of change that you can blow on fruity drinks and fun trips to the beach!

Be Spontaneous:

There is nothing better than waking up to a text from your BFF that says, “LET’S GO TO THE LAKE!” Spontaneous day trips can be just as fun as a planned vacation! Do new things as often as you can. Learn something new, and bring your BFF along for the ride. Find out if your local community center offers free classes. Most communities offer a variety of art, cooking, or dance classes that are either free or affordable. Summer is a great time to develop new interests! Taking hikes and talking with your BFF is a good way to enjoy nature and conversation.

IMG_0763Make a List:

Spontaneity is great, but planning can be fun too! Grab a drink, sit down with your BFF and make a list of all the things you want to do! No idea is too outrageous. Put them all down, and try to do as many as possible. Have fun in the process! Make a goal of how many activities you want to get done by the time fall rolls back around. If you didn’t get to it this summer, there’s always next! Plan a day at the end of the season to look at your list to see how many things you checked off. There’s something extremely gratifying about seeing check marks next to the items on your summertime bucket list!

Have Fun!

Of course the most important thing is to have fun during the summer! You and your bestie are not always going to get to spend summer together, so enjoy the time you have! Be silly, laugh, tell stories, and save up on memories to keep you warm when the cold weather hits!
Have a great Summer with your BFF!


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